DJ Party Bus Services LLC is dedicated to providing Safe, Reliable and Fun transportation to all
our Customers. Our drivers are certified by the Department of Transportation, which means they
are held to the state of Minnesota highest standards and will take care of each and every one of
our customers in a safe professional manner. All of our bus drivers have completed and passed
an extensive background check and classroom training with DOT certification. All of our party
buses get routine maintenance along with safety inspections regularly to make sure they are all in
best operational state and road safe.


Booking Policy

ALL rentals booked online are subject for approval by DJ Party Bus Services LLC and driver
availability. Please book at least 72 hours prior rental start date and time.
For any rentals with a desired date and time within a 72-hour of booking, please call for
availability. DJ Party Bus Services LLC reserves the right to alter pick-up location as needed,
giving timely notice to the customer.


All our bookings are easily made online or over the phone and require set deposit. Deposit is
non-refundable. If a reservation is cancelled by clients’ request, the deposit is forfeited.

Payment Policy

We accept Credit/Debit Cards and ACH transfer at no cost, which is our standard accepted
method of payment. A valid Credit Card is required up front, prior to your booking regardless of
the final payment type. All balances are to be settled minimum 72-hours prior scheduled
appointment. If no arrangement is made for the final payment, card on file will be automatically
debited for the outstanding balance. Your Credit Card on file will also be used for any party bus
damages, cancellations, or no-show bookings; the customer is responsible for the full payment of
any time used beyond their booking time frame which will be charged per hour over the booking
time frame. The booking is considered complete once all customers and their belongings are
removed from the bus and it is clear for the driver to leave the premises.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel your booking, a $200.00 or $100.00 (depending on bus
selected) deposit is non-refundable. Customer who decide to cancel the reservation 7 days prior
to their scheduled rental will be charged 50% of the rental rate. Customers who cancel their
reservation within a 72-hour window leading up to the pick-up time of their booking will be
charged 100% of the total booking, including a 20% tip.
All of our bookings are based upon the time frame the customer has selected allowing us to book
other times for customers before and after, depending on your booking time. If your event ends
early, you will be charged for the total time frame initially booked. There is a minimum rental
required on Friday and Saturday nights, after 6 PM.


Our waiver must be completed by each person before they can board the bus. Please forward it to
everyone in your group! Our waiver form:

No Show Policy

If a customer does not show at the location for the time frame of their booking, a “No Show Fee”
which is equal to 100% of the total booking, including a 20% gratuity, will be charged to the card
on file.

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge is a one-time fee. Radius is measured from our Location in NE Minneapolis, 211
St Anthony Parkway NE Minneapolis, MN 55418. It is not included in the rate. Radius is
calculated by travel distance from point A (our garage location) to farthest location traveled
during the rental period. To calculate your total rental cost, add fuel surcharge to the Rental rate.
It allows you to travel inside the radius with unlimited stops throughout the duration of your
rental. Each Fuel Surcharge tier has a link with attached map on our website to help understand
your fuel area.
-20 mile radius is considered the Standard fuel fee of $50
-30 mile radius is $150
-45 mile radius is $250

Service Extension

In an event customer requests extension to its original time slot it is ONLY to be approved based
on availability. You may extend your rental given there are no other rentals prior or after your
reservation which would then interfere with your request. Therefore, it is not guaranteed we can
extend your time beyond originally scheduled time. DJ Party Bus Services LLC will only grant
changes to existing reservation if change requested can be accommodated. All extensions are
charged at 30-minute intervals. Any additional charges must be prepaid via Credit Card or with
card on file. Payments are required prior to overtime period. In the unlikely scenario where
client causes delay for the next appointment, the client agrees to be responsible for any
cost associated with lost time and possible cancellation of other rental.

Special Amenities Policy

DJ Party Bus does not offer ice, coolers, alcohol, or soft drinks; however, customers are allowed
to bring items mentioned above onto the buses. Kegs are not allowed on board of any DJ Party
Bus. Any glass to be broken on the bus will result in a $100.00 charge, therefore we highly
recommend alcohol in plastic or metal containers, as well as plastic cups instead.  The excessive
trashing of the vehicles will result in extra clean-up charges $50.00-150.00. Any vomiting on
board will result in $150.00-$200.00 clean-up charge. Customers agree that any passenger on the
bus under 21 years of age will not drink, possess, or hand out alcoholic beverages of any kind.
The customer will accept any costs that may arise due to underage consumption or possession,
including fines, court costs, and attorney fees.

Service Fee

In the effort to support our awesome drivers, a service fee of 20% will be added to each rental
total amount. The entire amount goes to your driver in the form of gratuity. You are welcome to
leave an additional tip, but it is not required.

Other Policies

Customers prior to entering the bus must show proof of filled out liability waiver form with QR
code confirmation screen or email.
The customer agrees to:

  • No illegal drugs of any kind to be consumed or distributed while in a bus owned by
    DJ Party Bus.
  • Smoking of any kind of products (including vaping) is not allowed while in a bus
    owned by DJ Party Bus and will result in immediate discontinuation of the event
    AND a monetary fine of $200 that will be charged to the person, whose card we
    have on file. 
  • The customer agrees that the capacity of passengers will not be exceeded at any
  • If at any time minors consume drugs or alcohol the service will be canceled
    immediately with no refund and the minors will be returned to the original pick-up
    location upon which parents will be called. 
  • In an unlikely event where the bus experiences mechanical issues and DJ Party
    Bus is unable to provide a second bus within an hour, the company is only
    responsible for refunding payment on the time that was unused.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that DJ Party Bus Services LLC is not responsible for
any personal or material damages during the rental time. Behaviors such as excessive
noise/screaming, threats of violence, excessive intoxication, public urination, sharing alcohol
with minors will lead to discontinuation of the rental. If at any time the bus driver shall feel
threatened, the driver has the right to discontinue the event without any refunds and will drop all
passengers off at the nearest safe location. The customer will be held liable for any damages to
the buses committed by the customer or any other passengers, which will result in additional
charges. These damages include but are NOT limited to broken container glass, broken windows,
damage to couches, vomiting, etc.


DJ Party Bus Services LLC shares your concerns about maintaining the integrity and
privacy of personal information collected on the internet.  We are committed to protecting
your privacy, and privacy of our customers is very important to us. Any personal
information collected by our team through booking process or other means will only be
used for internal use and not shared with any third-party vendors. We may use some
personal data for promotional purposes by contacting you in future by phone, text msg or
email. By sharing your information, you agree and give us consent to add you to our
marketing and promotional campaigns, including but not limited to social media, direct
messaging and email marketing. Some message and data rates may apply.

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